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How We the People Folk Group got

Beginning in 2006, Michael Elley and Jim Corrigan talked about
bringing back the sounds, energy, and emotions of the folk
music era of the 1960's and 70's.  Folk music was the major
focus of Michael’s creative work during those years, and he is
gifted with a special voice that people naturally associate with
the sounds of those times.  Jim Corrigan was a college student
during the 60's and learned Travis Picking in order to be a
sideman in college folk groups.  Both felt the time was right to
bring back this genre of music that helped the nation through
the troubled  60's.  The year 2006 seemed even more troubled
than the 60's, with no major music voice communicating songs
of change, activism, or awareness.  There simply needed to be
a modern version of American Folk Music for the present times.

Being located in Nashville was an ideal location since the town
has so many gifted songwriters.  Little did Michael and Jim
know it would be somewhat challenging  to get those
songwriters interested in writing about current topics for a folk

Time went by without the creation of any new songs.  Then in
2009, Michael Elley, Frank Fileccia and Jim Corrigan decided to
jump-start the concept by writing songs together.  Several
songs were written and recorded in Jim’s studio.  Now with
something to play for the community, a group of folk musicians
started to form in 2010.  Additional songwriters became
interested in the project, and song submissions started to come
in regularly.  One day Michael and Jim were talking about songs
and Michael mentioned the phrase “we the people.”  They
looked at each other and realized this needed to be the name
of the group.

Throughout discussions and meetings with musicians and
writers, it was  agreed that the  group would be a non-partisan
voice for positive, uniting songs, while at the same time
encouraging people to be activists–like the folk music of the
60's!  “We the People” wanted to create songs with themes
that unite and help people become more aware of their ability
to make change, demand truth and openness, and take positive
and peaceful action.

We continue to expand our vision as we create, arrange, and
record songs–for you–the people.

Jim Corrigan (producer) and Michael Elley (vocalist, guitar)
About We the People Folk Group